SEOs are certified in Pennsylvania by the State Board for Certification of Sewage Enforcement Officers.  All SEOs’ certification run on a two-year cycle. The current 2016-18 cycle ends on June 30, 2018.

In addition to paying the $50 renewal fee, an Application for Renewal of Certification as a Sewage Enforcement Officer must be completed and submitted to PA DEP.  DEP is not mailing out the renewal forms this year, you must download it from the Department’s website.

SEOs must obtain a total of 15 continuing education credits for the cycle.  SEOs who became certified during the current cycle (i.e., after July 1, 2016) are exempt from the continuing education requirement for this cycle.   If you have earned more than 15 credits, you may carry over up to a maximum of seven credits into the next cycle.

If you are unsure how many credits you have for this cycle, you can view the spreadsheet posted on PA DEP’s website.  Open the “Active SEOs by County” list, find your name, and it will indicate how many credits you have (as of the most recent update to the spreadsheet).

An SEO whose certification is lapsed is prohibited from performing the duties or exercising authority as an SEO under the Sewage Facilities Act.