The SEO Certification and Training Program Guidance (385-2314-002) has been revised. It was published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on December 12, 2020, as final. The Technical Guidance Document (TGD) and the Comment and Response Document is now posted in the Department’s eLibrary . The TGD provides a framework for the Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) certification and training program with the goal of producing a knowledgeable and skilled SEO community to help administer the on-lot sewage program in Pennsylvania.
The program includes criteria for SEO candidates who wish to become certified SEOs, criteria for certified SEOs to maintain their SEO certification, and criteria for lapsed or inactive SEOs who wish to reinstate their SEO certification.
Changes of note:
  • Rollover credits have been reduced from seven (7) to three (3).
  • A Department approved precertification soils course is now required, along with the precertification academy before becoming an SEO. The prospective SEO must pass the precertification soils exam and the precertification academy exam before receiving their certification.
  • All currently certified SEOs who in the past have not successfully completed a Department approved precertification soils course have five (5) years from December 12th, 2020 to complete a Department approved soils course and pass the exam. Currently the Soil Hub precertification soils course is the only approved course to meet this requirement. Please visit the Pa Clean Water Academy for information regarding this course.
  • SEOs’ certification cycles will change to a 2-year rolling certification, based upon their certification date. This will only affect newly certified SEOs and those SEOs changing from a lapsed to an active certification status. All current SEOs will maintain their 2-year certification cycle as October 1 to September 30 of even numbered years.