PA DEP distributed the following FAQ to the SEO community on May 17, 2021 regarding Act 34 of 2020.  Read complete FAQ here.

“This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document was created to address questions surrounding the implementation of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act, Act 537 of 1965, (SFA) as amended by Act 34 of 2020 (Act 34). Act 34 impacts the planning and permitting process for on-lot sewage systems in Pennsylvania. Notably, there are significant changes regarding the use of shallow limiting zone (SLZ) on-lot alternate technology (OAT) systems. This FAQ document contains information, along with hypothetical questions and answers, regarding planning and permitting of conventional and alternate on-lot sewage systems in Pennsylvania since the SFA was amended by Act 34. This FAQ document may be updated to include new questions and answers that arise during implementation of the SFA as amended by Act 34. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will only notify Sewage Enforcement Officers (SEOs) if a major update is made to this document. DEP recommends that SEOs refer to this FAQ document as needed by means of the Pennsylvania Clean Water Academy or the SEO page on DEP’s website (see here).

“Specific questions about projects can be directed to the regional DEP office covering the county in which the project is located.”