A legislative hearing by the joint Environmental Resources & Energy Committee is planned for 9:00am-11:00am on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 regarding the enactment of Act 34 of 2020 (formerly SB1030) and its implementation by the PA Department of Environmental Protection.
Representatives from PASEO will be offering testimony to the legislators along with other wastewater organizations and stakeholder groups.
You can watch the legislative hearing livestreamed HERE.
The aim of Act 34 of 2020 (and Act 26 of 2017 before it) was to enable the use of all approved alternate technologies during the planning process.
PASEO’s Board of Directors has taken the position that:
  1. Act 34 of 2020 should be interpreted as plainly written.
  2. PADEP should follow the original legislative intent behind Act 34 of 2020 in that the use of all currently listed alternate systems on the Onlot Alternate Technology Systems (“OATS”) listing can be used in all levels of land planning.
  3. Current technologies were placed on the OATS listing based upon valid scientific evidence and therefore should only be removed through valid scientific evidence.
  4. All rules and policies should be published and readily available to the general public.
The Department’s “All SEO” letter of March 2, 2021 contradicts the plain intent of Act 34 of 2020 in that it seeks to restrict the use of alternate technologies during the sewage planning process for new land development.
You can also look up your state representative and state senator’s information by entering your address HERE. And, you can view the members for the Environmental Resource Committee here: HOUSE | SENATE.